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The Sun of God

The Sun of God 3D slideshow by The Visionary Folk Photographer

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Click on image to see full photo series

Bill Cooper, Mystery Babylon – Hour 2 – The Sun of God.

Published on Apr 27, 2012

Find full series here.

This is one hour the complete 40 hours series. All music has been edited out of this version. This practically have no influence on the understanding of this series, and will save you hours in the end.

Originally the series is 43 hours long, but with removed pauses, and removed talk about out-dated meetings, I have saved you around 4-5 hours.

Apart from that, nothing has been touched, and is presented here as it was in The Hour of The Time radio show, hosted by William (Bill) Cooper.

You might want to keep a pencil and paper to hand. Try to listen to all the lectures in order. Otherwise you will fail to fully comprehend latter episodes .

It’s hard to explain what it’s all really about, but all you have to do to find out, is watch it all in it’s entirety. You will not regret it.

Rest in peace, Bill.

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